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Picking up the right product for your budget can be overwhelming. There are a variety of products available in terms of looks, price, features and longevity. Considering them, a short list has been created by our expert team members. Choose the best automatic door lock among them. Take a look at the list below and share your feedback.

1Keyless Electronic Entry Door Knob, Keypad Smart Door Knob, Interior ... Top Pick

Keyless Electronic Entry Door Knob, Keypad Smart Door Knob, Interior …

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2Liftmaster 841LM Automatic Garage Door Lock Best Quality

Liftmaster 841LM Automatic Garage Door Lock

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3Smart Lock | Electronic Front Door Lever | Bluetooth | ... Recommended

Smart Lock | Electronic Front Door Lever | Bluetooth | …

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4Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt - Smart Door Lock with ...

Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt – Smart Door Lock with …

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5Automatic Electric Gate Lock for Swing Gate Opener Automatic Gate ...

Automatic Electric Gate Lock for Swing Gate Opener Automatic Gate …

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6National Hardware V6201 LTCH BLK N346-201 4-9/16

National Hardware V6201 LTCH BLK N346-201 4-9/16″ LokkLatch Automatic Keyed …

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7Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock, Wireless ...

Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock, Wireless …

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8August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock – Fits Your Existing ...

August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock – Fits Your Existing …

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9Kasa Smart Light Switch HS200, Single Pole, Needs Neutral Wire, ...

Kasa Smart Light Switch HS200, Single Pole, Needs Neutral Wire, …

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10Keyless Entry Door Lock - TEEHO Electronic Keypad Deadbolt with ...

Keyless Entry Door Lock – TEEHO Electronic Keypad Deadbolt with …

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Review of Best Automatic Door Lock

Top Pick

Keyless Electronic Entry Door Knob, Keypad Smart Door Knob, Interior ...

1. Keyless Electronic Entry Door Knob, Keypad Smart Door Knob, Interior …

  • Brand: YE LOCK
  • Manufacturer: YE LOCK
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: Weight: 2.64 Pounds `


  • 【Easy to Install and Use】 This digital door knob is very easy to install. All you need is a screwdriver and you can install this lock in 10 minutes. This keypad door lock is suitable in most standard doors in the United States.
  • 【Safe & Durable】 The keypad door knob enter lock is up to 8 changeable codes. Anti spy code encryption. With automatic locking retractor, the door will automatically lock behind you after opening for 3 seconds. IP65 weatherproof,works great in any weather.
  • 【Multi-Function】 The Smart door knobs can be used all year round and has a low power alert mode. An emergency power charger is included in the package, and the lock has a backup battery port that can be recharged at any time in case the battery runs out.
  • 【Smart Keyboard】 The lock key is backlit to prevent password peeking. And the lock button lights up so you can see the numbers clearly when you use lock at night.
  • 【Wide Applicability】 There is a wide range of application of this digital door knob and it can be widely used in all kinds of doors of different materials. This smart lock is suitable for different scenarios, bedroom, study, garage, basement, office, hotel, Apartment, etc.

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Best Quality

Liftmaster 841LM Automatic Garage Door Lock

2. Liftmaster 841LM Automatic Garage Door Lock

  • Brand: LiftMaster
  • Manufacturer: Liftmaster/Chamberlain
  • Dimensions: Height: 4.3 Inches Width: 4.5 Inches Length: 8.5 Inches


  • The 841LM works automatically with your garage door opener so it always locks and unlocks with every operation of the door.
  • The model 841LM 12V lock is only compatible with the following garage door opener model numbers: 8550WL, 8587WL, 8360WL, 8500W.
  • It is not interchangeable with the 24V lock used on residential jackshaft garage door opener models 3800, 3900 and 8500.
  • Add a lock to each side of the door for the best defense against high winds and storms and intruders

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Smart Lock | Electronic Front Door Lever | Bluetooth | ...

3. Smart Lock | Electronic Front Door Lever | Bluetooth | …

  • Brand: samtechT
  • Manufacturer: Sifely
  • Color: Satin Nickel
  • Dimensions: Height: 1.12 Inches Width: 3.0 Inches Length: 7.0 Inches Weight: 4.0 Pounds `


  • [CODE FLEXIBlLITY] Generate 5 different types of codes to satisfy your access needs. Use your Smart Lock app to generate and send Permanent, Custom, Temporary, Cyclic, and One-Time codes.
  • [LEARNABLE FINGERPRINT] Unlock the door less than 0.3 seconds with our next generation machine learning fingerprint access technology. The most secured 6-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock: Fingerprint + Passcode + Key Card + Wireless Fob + Smartphone + Key.
  • [MONITOR ACCESS] The Smart Lock App includes a built-in Access Log to see who comes and goes, and when.
  • [GOODBYE KEYS] Assign Key Cards (2 Key Cards Included) and share E-keys from your Smart Lock app to grant easy access for the entire family. No more losing keys and having to replace your entire lock!
  • [SECURITY FEATURES] Auto-Lock, Anti-Peep Door Code as well as Protect Mode are enabled to keep your home secure.

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Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt - Smart Door Lock with ...

4. Keyless Entry Door Lock Deadbolt – Smart Door Lock with …

  • Brand: Rulart
  • Manufacturer: Rulart
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 1.06 Inches Width: 2.63 Inches Length: 4.92 Inches Weight: 1.45 Pounds `


  • 🔐Electronic Deadbolt Applicable Range and Using Scenario:The adjustable dead bolt has a size between 60mm to 70mm, is suitable for doors with a thickness of 35-55mm. Suitable for left door and right door.An ideal alternative for any standard single cylinder American door latch lock.
  • 🔐The smart door lock is easy to install and program; no need for an expensive locksmith; inside includes the necessary hardware components and a detailed manual, you will be able to install and program this electronic door lock yourself; the battery is powered by 4 AA batteries, no hard wiring required. Easy to install with just a screwdriver.
  • 🔐Keyless Entry Door Lock: when you come back from shopping with your hands full of groceries, it’s much easier to open the door with a code than fumbling with a key; this touch keypad lock is illuminated and responsive, allowing you to easily enter your home without a key,with a mechanical key as an extra backup.
  • 🔐Electronic door locks are very safe and secure: anti-peep passwords protect your home security, automatic door locks or one-button automatic locking effectively avoid incomplete locks. This keypad door lock also allows you to set the door to automatically lock after 10 to 99 seconds or apply a 1 touch electric lock so you don’t have to worry about locking the door.
  • 🔐Durable and secure: the electronic keypad door lock is tried and tested with a robust zinc alloy frame that can handle the comings and goings of a busy household for over 30 years, and the IP65 rating ensures that your front door is protected against the elements. The durable mechanical and electrical engineering features won’t let you down; you can count on quick unlocking.

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Automatic Electric Gate Lock for Swing Gate Opener Automatic Gate ...

5. Automatic Electric Gate Lock for Swing Gate Opener Automatic Gate …

  • Brand: X X-HOUSE
  • Manufacturer: GIANT
  • Color: Electric Gate Lock
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.0866141711 Inches Width: 4.0157480274 Inches Length: 8.3858267631 Inches


  • Popular Electromagnetic Lock for Swing Gates and Doors, is designed to provide extra security and stability to your gate opener system. They are suitable for various types of gates. It can work with swing gate opener to enforce the lock,especially for heavy windy days.
  • One set includes:1* Lock with 5 metre cable,1* Lock recevier,1* Clevis Pin,1* Plug pin,1* Spacer,2* Lock key (manual release).
  • Three Rolling Teeth: The Swing Lock requires a fraction of the force that outlines the industry standard for the closing of gate locks. It only requires 1 lb of force compared to the industry standard of 10 lbs. This difference means that the gate can slow down to a lower speed and be latched with less force. The reduction of force puts less strain on the gate and the gate opener itself. Less strain leads to a longer lasting gate opener system and a reduced chance of damage to the gate.
  • It has a small control board 12-24 Volt AC/DC powered relay,you can use it for other gate operator brands gate/garage door.The Automatic Lock unlocks and locks automatically as an electronic gate is activated to open and close (reliant on standard 12v gate outputs).
  • Note: Electric lock improves the safety for your gate, and it is highly recommended if you have animals or live in areas affected by strong winds when the gate is longer than 1.5 meters (7ft).

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National Hardware V6201 LTCH BLK N346-201 4-9/16

6. National Hardware V6201 LTCH BLK N346-201 4-9/16″ LokkLatch Automatic Keyed …

  • Brand: National Hardware
  • Manufacturer: KWIK9
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 1.57 Inches Width: 5.91 Inches Length: 10.24 Inches Weight: 0.27 Pounds `


  • Authorized Replacement for Stanley Hardware Stock No.S836-163
  • Key lockable latch for added security; great for pool gates, sheds, and fences
  • Can be used on metal, wood, and vinyl gates without rusting binding or staining
  • Side fixing legs deliver an easy installation with superior strength
  • Can be adjusted horizontally and vertically during and after installation
  • Limited lifetime

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Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock, Wireless ...

7. Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock, Wireless …

  • Brand: WYZE
  • Manufacturer: Wyze Labs
  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: Height: 4.9 Inches Width: 2.0 Inches Length: 2.5 Inches Weight: 1.22 Pounds `


  • Wyze smart lock: Lock or unlock your door from anywhere using the Wyze app. Wyze Lock connects to your WiFi via the included Wyze Lock Gateway. Enable auto-lock and auto-unlock to never have to think about keys or codes again
  • Certified for Humans – Smart home made easy for non-experts. Setup with Alexa is simple.
  • Simple sharing: Wyze Lock lets you easily share access to your home with friends, family, contractors, dog walkers, and really, whoever you want. See a history of lock and unlock events. Wyze Lock gives you complete control of who has access to your home
  • Door position detection: Wyze Lock not only tells you the lock status, but also if the door is open or closed. Unlike other locks, Wyze Lock has a built-in gyroscope to know the position of the door. No need for separate sensors
  • Keyless door entry: Simply walk up to your door and have it unlock automatically and then lock behind you once you’re inside. Purchase Wyze Lock Keypad and Wyze Cam separately for added security and surveillance. Works with your current key and deadbolt.

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August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock – Fits Your Existing ...

8. August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock – Fits Your Existing …

  • Brand: August Home
  • Manufacturer: August Home Inc
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 2.75 Inches Width: 2.8 Inches Length: 2.8 Inches Weight: 1.54 Pounds `


  • UPGRADE YOUR EXISTING DEADBOLT: August smart locks fit on the inside of your door, making your regular deadbolt smarter, more secure and way more convenient. Keep your keys just in case (but you won’t need them).
  • GRANT ACCESS WITH THE AUGUST APP: Forget key copying. Quickly and easily share permanent, scheduled or temporary access to your home with friends, family and other people you trust, and never put a key under the doormat again.
  • EASY TO INSTALL ON ANY DOOR: Even if you’re not so handy, installation only takes about 10 minutes. August locks fit perfectly over most single cylinder deadbolts and aren’t much bigger than your original thumbturn.
  • AUTO-LOCKS AND UNLOCKS: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is able to Auto-Unlock as you get home for totally hands-free unlocking (optional). With Auto-Lock and DoorSense, your home automatically secures once your door is closed, or after a set amount of time.
  • WORKS SEAMLESSLY WITH YOUR SMART HOME: Built-in Wi-Fi allows your lock to work with your favorite voice assistant, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings and more.
  • AWARD-WINNING SMART LOCK YEAR AFTER YEAR: Voted CNET Editor’s Choice two years in a row (2020/2021), Best Smart Lock by Good Housekeeping (2021), Best Smart Lock by Tom’s Guide (2021).
  • KEEP YOUR HOME’S CURB APPEAL: Get smart lock functionality without changing the look of the outside of your front door. August smart locks are installed only on the inside of the door, so your design for your front door doesn’t have to adapt.
  • ADD A KEYPAD FOR USE WITH CODES: For phone-free moments, connect a Smart Keypad (sold separately) to unlock the door with unique codes. Great for small kids, the housekeeper, the dogwalker, or other one-time visitors.
  • FACE OR FINGERPRINT ID FOR EXTRA SECURITY: Use your phone’s biometric recognition for two-factor authentication (optional).

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Kasa Smart Light Switch HS200, Single Pole, Needs Neutral Wire, ...

9. Kasa Smart Light Switch HS200, Single Pole, Needs Neutral Wire, …

  • Brand: Kasa Smart
  • Manufacturer: TP-LINK USA
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.0 Inches Width: 3.3 Inches Length: 1.5 Inches Weight: 0.3 Pounds `


  • Easy guided install: Neutral wire is required, standard wall plate size. No need to understand complex switch wiring or master vs auxiliary switch configurations; The Kasa app guides you through easy step by step installation. Need 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection
  • Control from anywhere: Monitor your light status. Turn electronics on and off from anywhere with your smartphone using the Kasa app, whether you are at home, in the office or on vacation
  • Voice control: Enjoy the hands-free convenience of controlling the lights in your home with your voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant; perfect for times when your hands are full or entering a dark room
  • Scheduling: Use timer or countdown schedules to set your smart switch to automatically turn on and off while you’re home or away. Enable ‘away mode’ to randomly switch on and off to trick potential intruders
  • Trusted and reliable: Designed and developed in silicon valley, Kasa is trusted by over 4 million users. UL certified for safety use.

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Keyless Entry Door Lock - TEEHO Electronic Keypad Deadbolt with ...

10. Keyless Entry Door Lock – TEEHO Electronic Keypad Deadbolt with …

  • Brand: TEEHO
  • Manufacturer: TEEHO
  • Color: Oil-Rubbed Bronze
  • Dimensions: Height: 1.3 Inches Width: 2.95 Inches Length: 5.12 Inches Weight: 1.76 Pounds `


  • 🔒Passcode Entry: This keypad lock provides 20 access codes for family use and an available temporary code for the single guest entry.
  • 🔒One-Time Code: A one-time door opening password can be set, and the password will be automatically deleted after use.
  • 🔒Smart-Locking: ‘Automatic door lock’ can be set to lock automatically in 10-99s; ‘one-touch auto-lock’ can press and hold any key on keypad for 2 seconds to lock the door.
  • 🔒Security deadbolt: it is a reliable home protection assistant, with a sturdy zinc alloy and stainless steel frame, IP54 weather resistance, long term durability, anti peeping user code protection, low battery indicator, solid lock cylinder.
  • 🔒Easy Installation: For men and women, you can install in minutes with just a screwdriver; Satisfaction Guaranteed: 30-day money back guarantee, 1 year product warranty and lifetime customer support from the date of purchase, customer service online 24/7.

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