How To Measure For A Barn Door
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We love barn doors. There’s just something about them that instantly adds a rustic vibe to any room. And since they come in different styles and designs, you can surely find one that will best complement the theme of your room.

Aside from its incredible style, barn doors also help you save space. Since it slides to one side to open, you don’t need a lot of clearance space. They’re also easier to install, so you can put one up yourself safely.

If you’re interested in installing a barn door, the most important aspect in the planning stage involves knowing how to measure for a barn door. This is significant because you have to make sure that the door will cover the entirety of the opening, and that it will glide smoothly without damaging the floor.

How To Measure For A Barn Door

How To Measure For A Barn Door: Preliminaries

Measuring for a barn door is very easy to do. As long as you carefully follow the steps that we will outline below, you will find the accurate measurements that you will need to install a barn door successfully.

For this tutorial, all you need is a tape measure and a pen and paper where you can jot down the measurements. If you have all of these items ready, then you can now proceed with the step-by-step guide.

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Step 1 – How Much Bigger Should Barn Door Be Than Opening?

The first step in measuring for a barn door is to determine the width of the opening. You can simply do this by running the tape measure across the opening – that is, from one side of the opening to the other. Whether it’s from left to right or right to left is all up to you.

If you’re remodeling your home and the old opening has moldings, then we advise measuring the width from one outer edge of the doorway molding to the other outer edge.

Doing so will give you an allowance in picking the door size so you’re sure that the entire opening is fully covered.

Once you have the measurement for the width, write this down for easy recall.

Step 2 – How Big Should My Barn Door Be?

The second step is to measure the length of the opening. This can easily be accomplished by running the tape measure from the top of the opening to the bottom. Similarly, write the measurements down on your paper.

Step 3 – How To Measure For A Barn Door Track

Now that you’ve taken note of the dimensions of the opening, the next step is to determine the size of the track you need for the barn door.

The track is that part of the set up where the door is attached and which helps it glide to open and close. To make sure that you’ll get the appropriate track size for the opening, simply multiply the width measurement you previously obtained by two.

Again, take note of the product because this will be your track size.

Step 4 – Installing The Track

Now that you have the dimensions for the opening and the track size, it is now time to determine where you want to mount the track.

The track should be mounted 4 to 6 inches above the opening to make way for the hangers and other devices that have to be installed for the barn door to work properly.

You should also take note of where you want the track to be mounted, since this will help you determine the dimensions for the barn door.

Step 5 – Actual Size of The Burn Door

With all the data you previously gathered, you can now determine the appropriate size for your barn door.

For the width of the door, you simply add around 4 to 6 inches on the measurement you obtained for the width of the opening. The barn door should overlap the opening, and an allowance of 2 to 3 inches on each side will do the trick.

As for the length of the door, you have to factor in the length of the opening and the distance between the opening and the track. However, remember that you should have an allowance of about ½ inch from the floor to make sure that the door would glide smoothly. Thus, the length of the door must be measured from the track to about ½ inch from the floor.

Take note of these dimensions since these are the measurements you need for your door.

Important Notes

Now that you know how to measure for a sliding barn door, here are additional pointers that you must take note of:

  • Before installing the barn door, you have to make sure that the space above the opening must be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the door. As much as possible, make sure that the track has enough support to keep the entire doorway from collapsing.
  • While installing the barn door on your own is relatively easy, we advise hiring the services of a professional if you have zero experience in carpentry. This will guarantee that the barn door will be mounted properly so you can enjoy it for years to come.

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to install a burn door yourself, we recommend that you go to the professionals or try our handyman services.


Should a barn door be wider than the opening?

Yes. To make sure that there are no gaps, the barn door has to be wider than the opening. Ideally, the door should be 2 to 3 inches wider on each side of the opening. Otherwise, it defeats its purpose.

Can you convert a regular door to a barn door?

Yes. It is possible to convert a regular door to a barn door. However, you have to take extra precaution in its sizing – you have to make sure that it won’t scrape the floor when it slides back and forth. Also, you have to make sure that it is wider than the opening.

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